Doctor’s Testimonials

Dr. Harvey S. Uy

Harvey uy

Dr. Harvey Uy and the staff of Peregrine Eye and Laser Institute are very professional and efficient!

      – Rock-N-Roll Icon, Founder of  RJFM, DZRJ 100.3, RJ Guitars

I was diagnosed with the Stevens-Johnson syndrome wherein my eyes were severely affected- blindness was a possibility if I did not have it treated! I flew all over the world to have my eyes checked: Dubai, Canada, Switzerland, Greece, and even the United States! I consulted with the most renowned doctors, and was treated in the best facilities all over the world, but I was losing hope because I still did not have the cure to my eye problem- and my eye condition was getting worse because I was losing my vision quickly.

 Luckily, after consulting with the Medical Director of John Hopkins Hospital in Maryland, USA, he referred me to his Harvard colleague: Dr. Harvey Uy who was practicing at Peregrine Eye and Laser Institute in the Philippines. I immediately secured an appointment, and booked a flight to the Philippines. Upon arrival, Dr. Harvey Uy informed me that my cornea had ripped and I needed to undergo a corneal transplant, or else risk losing my eyesight forever. Dr. Antonette Pascual, the corneal specialist of Peregrine Eye and Laser Institute was also called in to assess the situation, and she scheduled my surgery the next day once the cornea from the Eye Bank of the Philippines was made available.

Finally, after 16 months of enduring stress, discomfort, and pain, and also of being threatened by blindness, I was finally able to open my eyes and see again. I would like to thank Dr. Harvey Uy and Dr. Antonette Pascual of Peregrine Eye and Laser Institute, they are God-given miracle workers to whom I owe my second life to. Being given another chance to receive the gift of sight means the world to me because now I am able to live independently, go back to work, and have a renewed purpose in life.

      – Dubai Based Filipina, Corneal Transplant Patient

I have gone through 3 different eye clinics and institutes, all with good facilities. But I have to say that Peregrine Eye and Laser Institute and my Doctor, Dr. Harvey Uy has the complete facility. I am impressed with the system – the distribution of appointment slip and follow up calls to remind me of my next appointment date. Wonderful, that’s how I can describe my experience in Peregrine Eye and Laser Institute.

– Ms. Angelita Dalusong, Quezon City

When it comes to Dr. Harvey Uy, I would highly recommend him to my loved ones and friends. The location of the clinic is also good and the facilities and machines used are up to date and advanced.”

– Ms. Dorothy Marasigan,
Owner of Bullseye Marketing Research and Communications Consultancy,
Makati City

Peregrine Eye and Laser Institute is my choice for my eye care. I am very impressed by their state of the art technology, which is only exceed by their USA-trained staff’s passion for providing compassionate, personal care and commitment to excellence. It’s one of the best decisions I ever made.

– Mr. Raul Concepcion, Chairman and CEO of Concepcion Industries, Inc., Makati City

Dr. Harvey Uy was very informative and very kind. The procedure was explained to me properly so I know what to expect during the operation. Dr. Harvey Uy also took good care of me even after the procedure. I also get constant follow up schedule for monitoring. Dr. Harvey Uy has helped me a lot that’s why I referred him to my friends and families.

– Ms. Lisa Yu, San Juan

Dr. Pik Sha Chan Uy

Pik Sha Chan Uy

When we found out that our baby was diagnosed of ROP (Retinopathy of Prematurity) and is at risk of losing her eyesight, we immediately went to Peregrine Eye and Laser Institute and on that same day, our baby, Carmela, was treated. After operation, Dr. Chan-Uy monitored Carmela’s development and gave her check up every week, then every month as we progressed. We didn’t mind travelling all the way from Quezon province just to make sure our baby will be okay. Peregrine Eye and Laser Institute has helped us save Carmela’s eyesight, thanks to their medical expertise, efficient service, and genuine care for our daughter. We’re very thankful for everything that they’ve done for our baby.

– Mrs. Diane Veluz, Mother of Carmela, Lucban Quezon

Dr. Franz Marie Cruz

Franz Marie Cruz

The kind of care that I received from Peregrine Eye and Laser Institute was efficient, painless and professional and with Dra. Franz Marie Cruz, her being tenacious and her being good at her job, sparked the lifesaving procedures that saved me back in late 2013

– Chef Chris Locher, My Kitchen Owner and Chef, Makati City

When I visited Peregrine Eye and Laser Institute, Dr. Franz Cruz recommended that I undergo MRI Scan based on my initial eye consultation. Turns out I had a small tumor in my brain causing my right vision to be affected. I am so thankful that Dr. Franz suggested the MRI scan as it was able to diagnose my tumor earlier so my left eye was salvaged. Knowledgeable, Kind and Very approachable, that’s how I can describe Dr. Franz Marie Cruz.

– Ms. Gladys Cuan, Sta. Rosa Laguna

Dr. Richard Nepomuceno

Richard Nepomuceno

Dr. Richard Nepomuceno gave me new hope in life through my successful eye operation. May he help many more people who are in need of good service.

– Mrs. Mercedes Abel

My left eye had a successful operation. Dr. Nepomuceno did it so gently and intelligently that I did not experience any pain. His performance makes the difference from other doctors

– Dr. Loreta I. Nacario, Ed. D.

Dr. Nepomuceno provided me with excellent care before, during and after my lens exchange. If St. Luke’s MC can say “Eye can Smile”, He can proudly say that as an Ophthalmologist, “Eye Care!”

– Ms. Nina Rosal, Caloocan City

I am a housewife and I love to do household chores, especially baking. My surgery has done great things for me in doing my daily chores at home which included helping my grandchildren with their homework. Before my surgery, I find it hard to read the small price tags on goods in the supermarket. Now, I can easily read old recipes for my “apos” favorite snacks. I’m so happy I can clearly read it now. Dr. Richie is such a blessing – at 76, my eyes are like how it was before. Through your God given talent, I hope much more people, your patients, will share the same blessing that I received.

– Remedios Borlaza (Cataract Surgery)

Dr. Richard Nepomuceno was referred to me by Dr. Helen L. Uichangco. RLN is most kind and accommodating beyond his professional expertise. This removed my apprehension in visiting an eye center. He made me feel safe. Peregrine Eye and Laser Institute is impressive and provides world-class facility. My Cataract Surgery (Both Eyes) was a tremendous “gift of grace”. I am now able to see and read with computer and books with ease. The surgery was nearly pain-free and it was made easier with the support and care I received from the staff. I cannot be grateful enough for the excellent professional service that I experienced at Peregrine Eye and Laser Institute.

– Sister Victorina A. dela Paz (Cataract Surgery)

The Cataract Surgery improved my quality of life. The world became more beautiful to see. I went back to my love for reading. I was back to my love of data analysis looking at voluminaries set of numbers and data. Dr. Richie is one doctor who relates on the human side, yet so professional. He keeps track of my progress and shows deep care. He is one doctor who I can fully trust. Peregrine Eye and Laser Institute is run professionally, trying to respond quickly to my demands and try to keep up to date with technology.

– Fe Remotigue (Cataract Surgery)

After my eye operation, I seldom get irritable view. Unlike before when I would easily get mad.
I have resumed working in our toy marking shop with my grandsons. I can now use my carpentry tools which I have kept in the tool box for a while. Peregrine Eye and Laser Institute’s staff are very professional. Dr. Richard Nepomuceno made me experience a very personal care as personal as that being given by a family member.

– Rogelio C. Borlaza (Cataract Surgery)

I am honored and blessed to experience the caring and commendable service of Dr. Richard L. Nepomuceno and Peregrine Eye and Laser Institute. As a matter of fact, I have not stopped sharing with friends and others the wondrous cataract surgery done by Dr. Richard Nepomuceno through the excellent facilities of Peregrine Eye and Laser Institute. Dr. Richard Nepomuceno and PELI are worthy of Dr. Jose Rizal sacred and heroic ideals.

-Consolacion R. Alaras (Cataract Surgery)

I had my LASIK done by Dr. Richard Nepomuceno and the result was great. It changed my life by not needing to wear eye glasses. This made my life much easier. I am aspiring to become a pilot and through the LASIK Procedure done by RLN, my vision is now great and made my training more effective. Peregrine Eye and Laser Institute’s staff is always giving me good service.

-Marc Allen Garcia (LASIK)

The surgery I had at Peregrine Eye and Laser Institute made my life more convenient and efficient in doing things. I do not need to spend time everyday wearing contact lens/ glasses. Now, I wake up everyday with a clear vision – I am able to swim or go snorkeling without the need of wearing goggles with corrective lens. I now see all the colors brighter/clearer. Dr. Richie is a very compassionate and caring doctor. He always attends to all of his patient’s needs. He is also very approachable and will make you feel comfortable to ask any kind of questions. All the staff are very accommodating and attentive. The equipment are all up to date and modern as well.

-Milliecent Ong (SMILE)

After my SMILE procedure I am able to clearly see things without the need of glasses. Now, working is much easier! Both my near and far sight is clearer. Dr. Richie was able to perform the surgery with utmost confidence and skills. In addition, before surgery, he was able to explain the procedure as detailed and clear as possible to help me understand the choices and types of operation I want to undergo to. Peregrine Eye and Laser Institute is clean and the equipment are carefully set up to ensure the machines are ready to use when patients arrived. The staff are kind and shows concern to their patients. They were able to clearly guide me during operation.

-Kavan Lam (SMILE)

The PRK surgery improved the quality of my life since I do not need to wear glasses anymore. And because of this, there was no hassle in obtaining my driver’s license in New Zealand. There is a remarkable difference in performing my job as a medical practitioner, as it enabled me to provide safe and effective care. Dr. Richie was a very kind physician. He is very knowledgeable and explains the procedures very well. The staff of Peregrine Eye and Laser Institute and Dr. Richie are experts in their field. They are professionals with a heart.

-Nina Rosal (PRK)

My Surgery was very successful! Now I have very good vision. Before I used to wear sunglasses to minimize the effect of the bright sun. Nasilaw ako sa araw. Nawawala na rin ang parang ulap na tumatabing sa mata ko dahilan kung bakit nahihirapan akong maglakad. Parang lagi akong mababangga at Malabo ang paningin ko. Thanks to Dr. Nepomuceno, He is very good and approachable masarap kausap, maaasahan at palabiro, pogi pa. maingat siya sa pasyente niya. Hindi nga tinitigilan ang pasyente niya. Malinis at maayos ang center, complete sa equipment. Ang mga staff nga very approachable din, mababait, magalang, magaganda at pogi rin. Mairerecommend ko ang Peregrine Eye and Laser Institute. Keep up the good work and God Bless.

-Evangelina P. Manalo