Neuro-Ophthalmology Treatment


Covers nervous system diseases that affect vision and eye movement.

Neuro-Ophthalmology deals with diseases of the nervous system that affect vision and eye movement.

Blurred vision and poor color perception can be caused by several disorders that affect the optic nerve and brain including stroke, trauma, multiple sclerosis, ethambutol toxicity, and pituitary gland tumors.

Double vision can be caused by diseases that affect the nerves that control eye movement or by systemic diseases such as Myasthenia Gravis and thyroid-related eye diseases.

Other diseases evaluated by Neuro-Ophthalmologists include unequal pupil size, eyelid abnormalities, visual field loss, unexplained vision loss, transient visual loss and abnormal eye movements.

Peregrine Eye & Laser Institute (PELI) has a Neuro-Ophthalmologist who can diagnose, treat and educate patients with various Neuro Ophthalmologic disease and disorders.

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What is ethambutol toxic optic neuropathy?

Ethambutol toxic optic neuropathy is a well-known complication of ethambutol treatment. It causes painless visual disturbances in both eyes including loss of vision, decreased color vision and visual field loss.

Who is at risk for developing ethambutol toxic optic neuropathy?

Ethambutol is removed from the body by the kidneys. Individuals with compromised kidney function – the elderly, and those with kidney disease – are at risk for developing ethambutol toxic optic neuropathy. Patients who are also on prolonged treatment (more than 2 months) are also at risk.

What are the symptoms of ethambutol toxic optic neuropathy?

Individuals with presumed ethambutol toxic optic neuropathy experience painless loss of central vision and color vision in both eyes several after starting treatment.

Is there a treatment for ethambutol toxic optic neuropathy?

Currently, there are no medications to treat vision loss from presumed ethambutol toxic optic neuropathy. However in order to avoid further vision loss, immediate discontinuation of the ethambutol is strongly recommended. In a majority of patients, recovery of vision occurs once ethambutol intake is discontinued.

What is Gravesophthalmolopathy?

Gravesophthalmolopathy is changes in the periocular skin, eyelid and orbital tissues of an individual with Graves disease or hyperthyroidism.

What are the symptoms of Graves' ophthalmopathy?

Individuals of Gravesophthalmopathy experience a constellation of eye symptoms including redness, irritation, burning sensation, dry eye, tearing, pressure behind the eye, double vision, and, in severe cases, loss of vision. They may also report changes in their eye appearance such as bulging of the eyes and puffiness around the eyes.

Is there a treatment of Gravesophthalmopathy?

The treatment of Gravesophthalmopathy requires the combined effort of an ophthalmologist and an endocrinologist. Central in its management is control of the abnormal thyroid function. The decision on how to optimally manage the thyroid dysfunction is made through a consultation with an endocrinologist. Smokers are advised smoking cessation. Ocular irritation and redness are treated with artificial tears. Corticosteroids, orbital decompression surgery, and orbital radiotherapy have a role in management of active Graves’ ophthalmopathy especially when vision is compromised. Double vision from Gravesophthalmopathy can be treated by patching, prism correction or eye muscle surgery. Lid surgery may also be performed to correct eyelid retraction.

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